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Nobody has complained about LifeStation yet

Either LifeStation has a perfect record with its customers, or else we as customers need to be more vocal.

Why no complaints so far?

Possible explanations for LifeStation having no complaints
  1. No LifeStation customer has had a bad experience worth sharing
  2. They think their complaints will be ignored by LifeStation
  3. They don't realize that other customers will back them up when they complain on a public website

Why should you add your complaint?

Here is why your LifeStation complaint belongs here:
  1. Alone, it seems easy to be ignored. But here, many other customers are reading, and they can add their support to your complaint, making you more likely to get the attention of LifeStation.
  2. You can invite your friends to vote up the importance of your complaint.
  3. Responses are kept in the public forum. Other customers can benefit from you speaking up. Similarly, you can benefit from others doing the same.

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Beyond complaining about LifeStation

This is the most frequently searched information by LifeStation customers after reading or writing complaints