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We're running short on reviews for customers - we need to speak up more to help each other and to get the attention of the company.

Why are there no reviews?

Possible reasons for no reviews
  1. Customers are happy, but not happy enough to mention it to others
  2. Customers think service is bad, but not bad enough to say something
  3. They don't realize that millions of others will read their review, making want to pay attention
  4. They don't realize that others can vote their review up, making it more visible

Why you should write a review

If you've tried products or services, consider the following
  1. If you like, consider writing a positive review. This is a large customer community, and giving praise to companies that provide great service gets them recognition, and forces bad companies to improve to compete.
  2. If did not provide good service, write a review so other customers like you know. Remember - together we are louder and can help inform each other.

Write a review - improve support for all!

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