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Tip from ppd6016

 by ppd6016 - 5 years ago

On 12/01/09 I had three rooms receive water damage from a pipe that burst. I called USAA to file a claim. After an initial misunderstanding NFCU put the money into a restricted escrow account for the repairs. I did not agree to this at all and explained/demanded that NFCU release the funds so that I can repair the damages. The main reason I was demanding the funds to be released is because of my past experiences with NFCU and their extreme incompetence. NFCU put the funds in a restricted escrow account without my approval. As of 02/01/10 I have received one check for $50.00 for reimbursement to me that I paid for to have a carpet measure done by The Home Depot. A short time later I received an estimate from The Home Depot. I submitted that to Irene Thomson and Neeru Khatri via scanning the estimate and sending it to them by E-Mail. Almost a week later I received the check (#315932) for payment. I went to The Home Depot to make payment on that check. It was denied by both Tele-Check and Merchant Services. I was given a reason that the check was not valid. I sent both Irene and Neeru expressing my extreme displeasure at once again NFCUs incompetence. On 02/01/10 I received a Cashiers Check (Serial# 0900255323), again denied by Tele-Check because there is no account number. During this entire process I have requested/demanded what is giving NFCU the legal authority to basically steal about 20k from me and my home owners insurance. NFCU has and is continuing to refuse me access to my insurance claim so that I can repair the damage. I know the NFCU does not care but the rooms that have been damaged are for a 14 year old and a 12 year old. If NFCU had not stole the 20k from me, the repairs would be done by now. Instead the only thing that I have received was a check for $50.00. I find it interesting that Cutler Dawson says that NFCU is financially secure. How many other people has NFCU done this to in order to maintain that security? Again, I request something more be done other than sending this complaint to NFCU for them to investigate. NFCU has already demonstrated that they can not be fair or impartial when it comes to policing themselves, especially Michael Wholley. This is a brief summary of what has happened. If more detail is needed please contact me, I have dates, times, and who I spoke with.
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