This company is a fraud! I ord | anonymous

This company is a fraud! I ordered a duv

This company is a fraud! I ordered a duvet online and got a weird feeling about it as there wasn't a confirmation e-mail, sent so i did some research.. The phone number on the website doesn't forward onto customer service, it is a dead line. I had gotten ahold of their phone number ((864)573-2450) by contacting my credit card company, in an attempt to block their charge. Once I contacted them you can only speak to a women who can't help you with anything but will forward your call to a women's voicemail who has a suspiciously similar sounding voice to the women who answered the phone initially. I also started receiving spam text messages, which i have never had, immediately after placing the order, which they ask for a contact phone number in. Save your time and money. I would assume that most of the other positive reviews could be a form of cover up.. very well done scam!
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