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The person I spoke to had the same respo

The person I spoke to had the same response. Someone I shopped with gave me a subscription. He also said he would give my info. to the appropriate department to have the subscription cancelled. If you go to: cancelmag.com, there is a form to fill out and you can request cancellation there as well. I also went to the magazine website and although you are unable to cancel from there, you can have the magazine halted, so that you don't receive anymore in the mail. Also, if you go to the M2 Media website, they have a list of all the companies who use them. Only one company was listed that I have shopped with and that was Barnes & Noble. So, I think they chose on their own to subscribe me to a magazine without my permission, which should not be allowed. I do not subscribe to magazines, so I was infuriated to receive one in the mail. Hope this helps everyone.
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