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Issue with Straight Talk Well I have been a loyal straight talk customer...

Well I have been a loyal straight talk customer for 6 or so years now and in the past I always bought my phones from them at my local Walmart (the prepackaged ones sold by straight talk) but last tax season I spurred on myself and bought a refurbished unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy s6 though amazon for around $500 to use on straight talk. I did that cause I didn't see a phone I liked that was ran off Verizon towers on the straight talk sight at the time. So I was just going do the BYOP deal though straight talk. I was so excited cause this was the first time I ever spurred that much on my and a phone. Things seemed great at first and I'm really not sure when I first noticed the problem but I would notice I had voice mail but never heard my phone ring. It also never notified me of a missed call. Then at times I couldn't make a call either. I would have to restarted my phone numerous times a day just to call out or I would restart my phone randomly just to give me better chance a receiving a call in case one was to come in. I kinda assumed at first it was because it was a "refurbished" phone and not a straight talk either. So after months of aggravating hell. I put my application in on the Straight Talk Plus payment deal and pick out a NEW phone and get rid of the stress of my $500 (poor me) phone. Well I received my new phone just a few days ago. I was like a child on Christmas morning I couldn't wait to activate it. I choose a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Activation took around and hour and a half and things were looking so promissing. The phone was making called and I even received a few then BAM!! Someone called and no ring tone, no missed call notification just a voice mail stating they called. Then I slowly realized I was in the same predicament. :( Verizon has the best reception in our area and at&the is basically the only other choice. I know there's many many other people out there who have also do the BYOP from straight talk using verizon phones. What is going on for my two well over $1000 nightmare?? Will I ever wake up from this?
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