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I have had a whole life policy on my son

I have had a whole life policy on my son since he was 9 years old. I have never been able to obtain the policy. I was informed today, after paying for 24 years, that my son the insured, became the owner of the policy when he turned 21. I also learned that the cash value did not start until my son turned age 26. So I have been paying for 24 years for a policy that currently has a cash value of just over $500. Moreover, my son has to call to request the surrender and terminate the policy. I am very upset that this company is allowed to be in the business; it is a hoax and a fraud. I am uncertain as to how to report this other than to the BBB, but I don't plan to just move along without more explanation. I doubt if he death benefits are paid. If the insured becomes the policy owner, who would the death benefit be payable to? Normally, the company would pay the death benefit to the policy holder. I was the policy holder and the beneficiary when I purchased the policy. Doesn't all add up
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