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Hopefully 'Ghazal' read my reviews from Dec. 18, 2013(four days later) and now today, 1-AM-EST-hour, Feb. 10, 2014--re.: 6:30 PM, Feb. 9, 2014: same PUK- or, *de facto,* PUK2-code-finding issue never resolved, either directly( Dec. 18, 2013) or indirectly( Feb. 9, 2014)--a horribly-great regression from successful resolution of that same issue in Sept., 2013, so that I could restore my FDN contact-list to the then-new (302)670-3975 no-contract account that I then recently set up...involuntarily through that Company, neither Metro PCS nor, as the preferred alternative, AT&T Wireless.
Thus the appropriate--as well as my--grade for H2O Wireless customer service and data-blockage-and-stuck-or-denied-data-fault-removal(-and-rectification) repair service is: F. Consequently I have no way to rate H2O Wireless' Mobile-Web service--either inaccessible, prone to faulty, access-denying "communication" with the and networks and "subnets" on which it depends regul
Stay tuned: we will either find a guide for this or make one for you...
Contact H2O Wireless-If an emergency, best to contact them, even if it means waiting on hold.

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