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Kept getting disconnected, calling and having to wait all over again for a service rep.up to 15 minutes at a time. Probably spent an hour in the course of 2 days just trying to make a phone transaction...Just wanted to refill my acct. Finally when I got someone, They couldn't do anything until I located another phone to call from so they could clear a pending transaction? whatever that meant...weird... She suggested asking my neighbors if I could borrow their phone. Ha! So what? call from another phone and wait another 10-20 minutes on their dime?I just said forget it...I'm cancelling...and hung up.I've only had the thing for a couple months but I know a red flag when I see it. I never signed up for any auto refill so I'm curious about that pending transaction.
Stay tuned: we will either find a guide for this or make one for you...
Contact Straight Talk-If an emergency, best to contact them, even if it means waiting on hold.

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