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Unhappy Customer of Five Years!!!

The customer service reps are not trained properly. Recently my Note 5 went black on me and I was furious! I called the customer service line immediately. I was first directed to go to a store and have a tech examine the phone. I drive out of my way to the location I was advised to go to only to find out that they haven't had a tech team in their stores for years. I call back and is directed to grab a loaner from the store while I send my phone back. I inform that my phone should still be covered under my one year warranty. The rep agrees and tells me that they will try to repair the phone. If they cannot they will exchange out my phone. The rep sends me a shipping label and advises me to go to the store for a loaner phone, and to follow up with Samsung within seven business days. I head back to the store to find out that they don't carry loaner phones either. Seven business days pass and I follow up with Samsung. I was informed they did not have any order number. They weren't even informed of my exchange or repair. Samsung then three ways our conversation. We get transferred back and forth over five times for about thirty minutes. Finally we reach someone that can help us only to find that they did not send it to Samsung. It was sent to one of their warehouses. I was informed by the rep that it was received and to wait the appropriate time. I call back that Monday to check the status of my order and was informed that my replacement will arrive on Friday. Tuesday I get a knock on my door from UPS with my phone. I;m really excited. I ope the package only to find that T-mobile did not fix my product or exchange it out like they had stated. Instead they send me a letter stating that it does not meet the return policy, and if I send my phone back multiple times they are liable to keep it without credit. At this point i'm livid! I call T-mobile immediately only to get the run around. One rep was going to have me send my phone back but when I read that statement to him he said Oh! Let me put you on hold for a minute. Got back on the line and all he could do was apologize. he transferred me to another department only to hang up. This happened a few times that day. I called back a few times last week. I even asked to speak to a supervisor before. One rep transferred me to Samsung. They gave me a price to fix the phone, when T-mobile said they were going to fix it or exchange it out! I hate that I was lied too. Now I am left with a phone that I could have paid to get fixed three weeks ago. You guys suck at customer service. One person offered me $20 off my bill like that was going to help me. I need my phone fixed since it malfunctioned. Not a $20 credit! I swear I will be leaving this company!
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