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salesman lied When I placed my order, it was under the 14 day...

When I placed my order, it was under the 14 day full refund if returned offer with no costs of any kind. The voice and data signal were really bad, so I called before the 14 days were up to return. Instead of authorizing my return, they kept me on the phone wanting to try this and that. Finally, I talked to someone in that was supposed to offer resolutions. I told her I had to return now so I wouldn't be stuck with the order and she said she would extend the offer of returns with no fees of any kind indefinitely if I was willing to allow them a change to resolve the signal issues. I finally consented. Several days later, someone called me back and suggested getting different phones and a booster. After we had tried everything they suggested, they said I could send everything back. I had the original box and return label, but was told if I used that one, the return would not be processed correctly, so I had to wait until they sent me a new one. After a week or so, I received it and sent the package off. I started receiving notices that I was late and each time, I would call in and they would tell me they would have to do an investigation because they showed the package was one pound, and couldn't have contained all 8 items I returned. UPS told me the label was generated by T-Mobile, so T-Mobile put the 1.0 lb. on the label, not UPS. T-Mobile insists that UPS made the mistake. Bottom line is I returned all 8 items in the same box.

Then last week, I began getting calls from a company that would hang up on me every time I answered. One day, they called me 13 times while I was at work but would hang up on me. I called the number back after work and was told it was Convergent, or something like that. They said I owed over $800 to T-Mobile. I told them it was incorrect, but they said it was right. They told me they had reported me to the credit bureaus and I pulled my report and found they had reported me.

I called T-Mobile back again and talked to a supervisor and was told I was being charged for service for $600+ and they refused to adjust it. They also said Convergent had not been sent my information, so they couldn't have called me. She said she was putting a hold on collections but that I still had to pay because the bill was correct.

I am attempting to contact a corporate officer to alert them how T-Mobile employees are treating me and to see if they are un upstanding company or not.
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