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I used to work of this company. They ref

I used to work of this company. They refused to pay me 2 weeks of vacation pay which was owed to me. I was of their top salesmen. And so they fired me, for being late a few times. Of coarse I was late, I was stressed out because you owed me two weeks of pay and would not pay me my money. I wasn't always late, in fact I rose to become an Assistant Supervisor. And they walked me out as if I was a criminal after telling me that I was fired. I had a wife and child to take care of. Do you remember when I found an entire building that was stealing cable? How much money did I save your company, that you would fire me for such a terrible reason. Not to mention the clamor as the entire department knew about it before I me, and that is how I found out about it initially (Defamation). And during 9/11 who was it that started the "Dispatch Intelligence" department? It was my idea. Did you credit me for that? No you did not Time Warner. It was my idea, I was the advisor, and the CSR on the team. Not to mention, I won the Top HBO Salesman of the Year award. I received dozens, of compliments from customers!
How can you say that when I am revealing what may be one of the causes for so many complaints that Time Warner's customers are having with their company? I was a customer service representative, and that is the point. It is related to customer service in that sense. If CSRs are treated like I was how can they do their job in the way that would be positively effective, or give them the freedom to meet their full potential.-
Hi, this is not Time Warner but this is GetHuman. It looks like you wrote a review on our page thinking this is TWC which is why you saw the message that you did-
The title of this review is plain "REVIEW OF TIME WARNER". There are other reviews with the same title under this one from others who have also expressed themselves regarding customer service at Time Warner. For example "Derek's Review of Time Warner Engineered for Pain. TimeWarner selects the most abrasive hold music possible and drops calls on hold at random. Evil incarnate." Please elaborate.-
I think the confusion came from "Did you credit me for that? No you did not Time Warner."-
I'll remove the previous comment from us-
We just wanted to clarify-
Under the rating stars it reads "Rate Time Warner by clicking on the stars above and then write your review here". That is what I did, GetHuman. Perhaps there is some error, or misunderstanding.-
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