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Complaint against Pilot employed by United

Dear United Airlines:

It is terrifying to think you are the employer of someone so unstable, or so indiscreet, that he would threaten the life of a Presidential candidate.
Michael Folk, one of your pilots, lost his self control and his priorities, when he threatened the life of Hillary Clinton, and wants her hung in the Mall in Washington D.C.(and it should be hanged). He tried to delete this post on Twitter(included below), but anyone with half a brain knows nothing can be deleted because there is always someone saving the data. That alone shows he has problems discerning proper actions.
This isn't going to go away, as it is all over Twitter,moving to Facebook, and even has celebrities 'tweeting' this pathetic tweet (Debra Messing is tweeting boycott and fire him).
Unfortunately, this reflects on you, and I hope you at least will get control of this pilot who is somewhat out of control. I, ands othwers will continue to send this information to others, and to the State Dept, as he may be the one tried for crimes and treason.
Please let me know, if possible, what your actions will be in this matter. Thank you for your time and your help.
No time? Let us do it.
Hand your issue over to us- we'll wait on hold, do what it takes to resolve it, and report back- or give you a refund.

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