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Intentional fraud commited by store employees.

I changed services from AT&T to T-Mobile at the time of the sale I was informed that I could not use my phone as a mobile hotspot and had to purchase a seperate hotspot. The purchased hotspot never functioned as advertised and they replaced it with the same product. I continued to have the same issues as their coverage map is grossly incorrect. I then learned from another customer that I can at no additional charge use my t-mobile phone as a hotspot. I brought this up to the port orchard store and phone customer service and was informed I had the product more that days could not return it. I take great offensive to this as I have had to purchase internet elsewhere to gain service and should not have been falsely sold this product to begin with. Besides to fraudulent sale I am past the days because I followed their recommendation to replace my hardware. They refuse to address their forced fraudulent sale or misrepresented coverage area and told me to not return to three store and call their attorney if I intent to file a complaint with the AG. The store will not address this or respond to me, yet the manager Josh Martin is well aware of every issue since day one. They said to call their legal counsel at -- and I've received no response.
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