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Very disappointed with service at local Verizon Store! I

I have been a customer for 23 months. My contract ends on 7 18 2016 Friday night I accidently dropped my phone and cracked the screen Saturday morning the screen started turning black . I went down to Verizon Team Wireless in Iron River Michigan to inquire if I could up grade early. There was a new young girl who was polite who said I will pull everything up but will have to ask my manager the only other person working Mind you I waited 25 minutes just to have a turn and there were several behind me as well. As she was still dealing with the other person she glanced at the screen and said you can file an insurance claim and get a different phone and then upgrade in July. I said Why would I want to spend $150.0 for insurance claim then get a new phone. Cant I just get a new phone and what is the difference in price ow or in 30 days when contract ends. ( MIND you I purchased outright 2 Samsung S 5 when I got the phones. ) SHE snapped and said Do you know how much a phone like that is? That really angered me! Well I guess I would since I purchased 2 previously..... I as so md I left several others were disgusted with service and wait time as well. I have never been so disappointed in a business in my life. Having been a good customer for almost 2 years spending a over $200.00 month in services plus buying the phones and accessories ....I would consider myself a good customer I would think you would want to assist! I m without my phone and very unhappy about that. I am seriously considering switching back to my previous carrier which I had for over 10 years!!! My question is this this how you at Verizon train your employees? I work for the US Postal Service as Postmaster a phone is a necessity for me. I went and purchased a cheep trac phone just so would have a phone in case of an emergency as I travel . NEVER so disappointed!!!!!
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